Thursday, October 8, 2009

What is couponing? Couponing is where you take coupons from the Sunday newspaper, magazines, or internet and use them on the items that your purchase. I have heard many times, “I don’t have time to use coupons.” I know that this is true, as when I was working, I really did not have time to do couponing. I would use them, but I would not shop like I do now that I am unemployed. I would challenge you to try to make the time to save. Many people take the time to read, work out, go the beach, and etc, but very few are willing to take the time to save $$... so I will challenge you to give it 21 days and see what you can save using coupons. I like to think that coupons are like money that many people through away each week.

One of the first steps in couponing is prepare yourself for your shopping trip. I spend at least 4-5 hours a week preparing for my shopping trip. On Sunday, I look at that ads that are in the paper, plus cut out any coupons that I will use in the near future. I take an envelope, (I use an envelope from any old mail that I received). I write down the store name and what that store has on sale that I want or can use. I then go through my coupons, pulling out those coupons that will match the sale ads. I also comparison shop. If one store has the same item for sale for less, then I will buy that product at that store. I have two types of envelopes, one for the grocery stores, Publix, Sweetbay, and Winn Dixie and another one for the drug stores, CVS, Walgreens and Target. I also go to the stores web site to see if there are any store coupons that I can use. When you use a store coupon with a manufacter’s coupon, it is called stacking. I do this a lot at Publix and Target.

Some helpful hints: Target is now starting to give back 5 cents for each ‘green’ bag that you use in their store. I take my Publix and Walgreens 'green' bags. You can use any ‘green’ bags that you have.

Also, depending on your Publix store manager, they will take other store coupons. I had a Walgreen’s coupon and of course Walgreen was out of the item.. so I went to my Publix store and they accepted it. Please ask the store manager before trying this at your Publix..from what I was told each store manager is different and might or might not take other store coupons.
Also Wal-mart will honor Publix, Target, and Sweetbay store ads. (Wal-mart will NOT honor the BOGO free deals). I put the ad with the product and Wal-mart will match the sale price and take your coupon(s) for that product.

Now for the great finds on my shopping trip yesterday.

Nabisco cookies in the 4oz boxes on sale for $1. I have $1 coupon when you buy 2 boxes, plus a register reward for $1. I was able to get 6 boxes of Oreo Double stuff for only $2.00. I paid .33 cents a box. I did go to another Walgreens and got 6 more boxes and paid $3, cost me .50 cents a box. (Ree, I can hear you now!! I promise not to eat many)

Dove Body Wash on sale for $7. CVS also had that when you bought $20 worth of Dove products you would receive a $10 Extra Bonus buck for next purchase. I had three $2 coupon off of when you bought one Dove body wash, so I got 3 bottles of Dove body wash for $5 each. I also had Extra bonus buck $4 off when your spent $20 and a $10 extra bonus buck. Extra bonus bucks are printed at the end of your cash register recipe to use on your next shopping trip. They are just like cash.. and CVS will let you use as many as you want as long as they don't have to give you cash back.

Total order : $21 - $4 of $20 purchase order = $17 - $6 in coupons = $11 - $10 Extra Bonus bucks = $1… Yes, I spent $1 for 3 of these Dove body wash!! I did have to pay sales tax so my total was $2.02 and I got a $10 Extra Bonus buck to use next time I go shopping.. This is what is so great about couponing!! Getting these three bottles, that normally sells for $8 for only .67 cents a bottle. Gotta love it..

Publix had their Old El Paso products on sale for $1.25. I bought two products and had a coupon for .60 off of two. What makes this deal great is that on the products that I bought there was a coupon that when you bought two Old El Paso products, you will get a free taco sauce mix.

2 x 1.25 = 2.50 - .60 = $1.90.. plus a free Taco sauce mix… so I got three items for $1.90 or .63 cents each…

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will respond… I do plan another couponing class sometime soon at Faith church… I will let you know the date once it has been decided. I am wiling to go to other churches or organizations teaching about couponing. Just let me drop me a note in the comments or e-mail me to let me know if your group would be interested and the small details of having me come.


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