Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Helpful Hints to Making Ends Meet

In society many people are suffering by the lost of jobs or cut back in their hours. With these cut backs, one can really struggle to make ends meet. I will show/tell you want David and I are and have been doing to make ends meet.

1. Make a budget! The most important is to make a budget and stick to it. Also, make sure that your spouse, if you are married, is on board with you. Both of you must sit down together and make up a budget together. Making a budget together is so important as it allows each of you to see what is needed for the month and especially just what bills there are and just how much money is coming and going. It is the communication between you two that will keep your marriage a happy one.
2. After making a budget, make a plan to get out of dept. Look to see what item you can pay off first, get it paid off. Maye a high interested credit card? Then don’t go back into dept with that item. Example: David and I had a truck payment. Once we paid off his truck, we then put the truck payment toward another dept like our house payment. We were putting our truck payment toward our principal on our house payment then I lost my job. We did not go out and buy another car or truck.
3. When David gets paid, we take out $80 cash for the grocery money. We only pay for groceries by cash, so when our cash is gone no more groceries until the next paycheck. This causes for some preparing, making a list for those items that you need and at times, I have even made out menu s of what we will be eating for the week.
4. We now turn off our hot water heater during the day. It was reported that a hot water heater takes up about 30% of your electric bill. We turn it off at fuse box and then turn it back on 15 minutes before we use it. We did notice a drop in our electric bill.
5. During the day, I turn our AC unit up to 80 degrees. There is no since in cooling the whole house, when I will only be in one or two rooms. When I am in those rooms I turn on the ceiling fan, the turn the fan off when I leave. When I leave the house, the AC unit goes up to 88, that way it does not run a lot when I am gone.

God doesn't want His people to suffer. But I also believe, that when we abuse or not use what He has given us correctly, then we suffer at our own hands.

On Thursday, I will post some of my cleaning tips. I hope that these little tidbits were helpful.


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