Monday, October 12, 2009


Ever wonder why God gave us weeds?
I can honestly say that David and I have the true Florida yard, a yard that has been taken over by weeds with very little grass. We even had an invasion of cinch bugs that ate what good grass we did have. We even get those signs in our yard from companies like True Green to let ‘us’ treat’ your yard...for a price. We decided that we would look into having a company to treat our yard, maybe we can get the grass to come back one day. Right now we are just getting estimates.

As I was watching David and this guy walk around our yard last week, a whisper came from God. I was reminded of Matthew chapter 13. The first part of the chapter, Jesus talks about the farmer throwing out seeds and how some of the seeds falling on good soil, rocky soil, thorns and paths. This chapter also talks about the seeds among the weeds and how the weeds choked them out.

Like our grass, David and I allowed the weeds to take over our back yard. The weeds have almost destroyed our yard. God whisper to me that many Christians are just like these weeds. They are not rooted in God’s word, they are not doing God’s work; instead, Christians are allowing the weeds to choke them out.

I have allowed weeds to destroy my study life. I have allowed those who caused me great pain this past year to cause me not to pick up my bible as much as I used to. I don’t study the bible like I used to. I allowed the weeds to take over my life…but like the weeds in the bible, I am throwing these weeds away. I am going to get back into the word of God. I hope that you will read Matthew 13 and ask yourself, have you allowed the weeds to come in and destroy your life?


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  1. Sherrylynne, thank you for introducing me to your blogspot. This blog was the first that I read and I have to agree with you. It seems that all of us, as Christians, tend to allow those little weeds to come up and destroy the beautiful gargen that God has created in our lifes, but just as you have stated, all it takes is coming to our Heavenly Father and asking him to weed out those things that would keep us from him. It seems that some Christians feel that they need to get in the yard and do all of the work, and there is a point where we need to be obedient, but God wants us to allow him to do the work. So this relieves the pressure when we look out into our yard and see the mess that we have allowed. Thank you again for inviting me to your blogspot. With only reading one post (so far), I have already received wisdom and blessing. Signed Chuck or Benny Taco Bender as you probably remember me