Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yahooo! I now have a blog site! I will be posting a lot of my shopping trips and some of my thoughts that I make/have.


  1. Sherry-
    Blessings yes, there are many and yes there are challenges too. Thank you God for grace sufficient for the day's demands and assurance that you walk with us always and everywhere.

  2. Hi Sherry - It seems as if it has been forever. Well actually it has been seven years since we left Brooksville and headed West. We absolutely love it here. It is a beautiful part of the country and there is so much to see and do. Last summer we went to Glacier National Park and this summer we went to the Grand Canyon (and I must admit we took a side trip to Vegas). This is such beautiful country. We live in the valley and are surrounded by mountains and can see two volcanos from our front yard. Tara and Tim have blessed us with a wonderful grandson who will be 4 on Christmas Eve. Robert and I are both well and enjoying life in the West. We enjoy our church and Robert and I are both active. God has been very good to us and for that we thank Him daily. That's not to say we've not had our ups and downs but overall we are blessed beyond what we deserve. Please visit us whenever you like. Skiing is great around here and I even have my own 4 wheeler. Take care and let us hear from you soon. Kay Smithwick